Being With You - Single - Digital Download

Being With You - Single - Digital Download

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Being with You, with Dave and Tara’s smoothly blended harmonies, is an aria of devotion, the grace and movement of mutual respect between two people committed to staying the course. They’ve presented us with intimately-crafted songwriting and lyrics that give language to expressing honor with our words to those we love. 

Dave’s guitar playing on this tender, but complex song, is engagingly beautiful. While it is restrained, but masterfully woven throughout, he leads us easily onto the dance floor and into the instrumental bridge, adding that hint of country Tara often teases him about, and his undeniable blue-eyed soul. 

This mesmerizing and tender ballad in 6/8 time is supported by a whisper of rhythm and smoky bass. Listen for the velvety, understated piano line. At the end, when the voices have truly become one breathtaking sound, and those final piano notes rise and softly fade, just go ahead and hit replay. You’ll want it to go on. 

“This song came about in a fascinating way! Tara and I had just dropped our sons off with some family and were on our way to a songwriting session, a love-song-writing session, mind you. Some dear friends of ours had opened their home, and specifically, their back deck that overlooks a beautiful golf course, for our  songwriting time. 

As we headed down the road, a disagreement between us started brewing, stewing, and then escalating. The longer we drove toward our destination, the intensity of our conflict grew to the point that we almost turned the car around! We were thinking, How in the world are we going to write love songs when we have this type of craziness swirling around us? 

Instead of turning around, we pulled the car over, processed together, asked for forgiveness, and got our hearts settled. 

A few minutes later, we were walking up the stairs to that beautiful deck and sat down in a delicious, golden beam of sunshine. And a few minutes later, this song started pouring out of me. 

The words are VERY different than the way the morning started, but because we worked through the conflict and our miscommunication was resolved, they felt so authentic. And the words still feel that way today! We recorded this song exactly how we wrote it that morning!” 


Verse 1: 
Whether we take a walk, or if we drive all night, 
Being with you, being with you is so easy! 

Verse 2: 
Whether we laugh or cry, you make my days fly by. 
Being with you, being with you is a privilege! 

Verse 3: 
Whether we fight or fall in love through it all. 
Being with you, being with you makes it worth it! 

Being with you, being with you is so easy! 
Being with you, being with you is a privilege! 
Being with you, being with you makes it worth it!


released December 3, 2016 
Tara Powers: Vocals and BGV’s
Dave Powers: Guitars and vocals
Charles Ciepiel: Keys
Nathan Phillips: Bass
Jon Powers: Drums
Dave Wilton: Strings, mandolin, auxiliary percussion 
Lyrics: Dave and Tara Powers 
Arranged and produced by: Dave and Tara Powers 
Mixed and Mastered by: Dave Wilton 
Published by: Ours Is My Favorite Music 
Photo by: Eldeen Annette // 
Artwork by: Charles Ciepiel in collaboration with Dave and Tara Powers 
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