I Miss Your Sound - Single - Digital Download

I Miss Your Sound - Single - Digital Download

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In 2015, Dave was on a long trip to Australia and Tara was at home with our boys. Tara was missing Dave from the first day he left, but in the middle of the trip, she realized something deeper… She realized that she missed the sounds that he makes everyday. She missed his eating, breathing, sleeping sounds. She missed the joy and laughter, and she missed his footsteps in the house. Our boys even make different sounds when he’s around. He’s always wrestling and tickling them and they laugh like crazy. 

After he came home, Tara started writing this song, and a few weeks later, Dave was talking to a dear friend who had just recently lost his wife to a fight against cancer. Dave asked him how he was doing, especially during the holidays. Our friend told him that the holidays were brutally difficult (especially the “first” holidays), but what he didn’t expect was that the absence of daily sounds were even harder. The clinking of the cereal bowl in the morning, the number of sneezes in a row that she always did, the high-pitched laugh she would make when she found something really funny… He missed her sounds… 

The world has so much craziness swirling around in it every day: racism, brutality, slavery, sickness, disease, hunger thirst, war, religious violence, prejudice, injustice, gang violence, abuse, accidents, old age, young age… and every day, people… really good people are passing away. Even though the situations that cause these losses differ, there is one unifying thing that almost every one of these families share: They miss the sounds of their loved ones. 

This song was written to help give language to someone who is struggling with the daily loss of a loved one. It was also written to give understanding to people who are trying to care for friends that have lost a loved one. 

While you’re listening to this song, if someone pops into your mind and you think they might need to hear it, send them a link or gift them the song. We hope it brings healing, understanding, and fresh perspective to hurting hearts and to the hearts that are trying to bring comfort to the hurting.


Verse 1: 
When you leave, my world has stopped. 
When you're gone, my heart's on pause. 
I want to recall your sleeping, eating, breathing sound... 
I want to replay your joy and laughter all around... 

Chorus 1: 
I miss your sound 
I miss your sound, my love 
I miss your sound in this old house... 

Verse 2: 
When you're far, it rains and pours. 
While you're gone, my heart's still yours! 
I'm longing to hear your footsteps greeting at the door... 
I'm desperate to know your kisses on my lips once more... 

Chorus 2: 
I miss your sound 
I miss your sound, my love 
I miss your sound in this old house... 
I miss your sound 
I miss your sound, my love 
I miss your sound in this old house...

Released August 12, 2016 
Tara Powers: Vocals, BVG's, + deliciousness 
Dave Powers: Vocals, BVG's, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar
Mike Binder: Strings, keys, sound design, percussion
Lyrics and Composition: Dave and Tara Powers
Arranged: Dave and Tara Powers 
Producers: Dave and Tara Powers 
Mixed and Mastered by: Mike Binder 
Published by: Ours Is My Favorite Music 

Artwork: Tara Powers, Dave Powers, and Charles Ciepiel! If you’d like to check out Charles Ciepiel’s design firm, here’s the link: www.goccdesign.com  

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