Peace for Your Christmastime (Ambient) - Single - Digital Download

Peace for Your Christmastime (Ambient) - Single - Digital Download

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Peace for Your Christmastime (Ambient) is a collaboration between MOUNTAINCITY and the very talented ambient artist Kirk Smith of “We Dream of Eden”. It was a HUGE honor to collaborate together on this song and we hope it helps you encounter peace this Christmas season. Here’s the back-story on the original version of this song:
"Throughout 2020 I have noticed a lingering anxiety in myself. This year we are all experiencing some form of fear and doubt. One of the ways that I seek peace is through music. On one particular evening, as I was getting ready for bed, I started singing a simple lullaby to myself.

“Peace, Peace, Peace for your Christmastime” were the words that I sang.

I suppose that evening, though it was only September, I just wanted the feeling of another place and time. A time that I felt some peace.

This was the start of our new song, “Peace for your Christmastime”
We wrote about what it felt like for us as we walked through this year with all of its unknowns, fears and anxieties. We imagined what it would have been like all those years ago when Joseph and Mary had to make the treacherous 90 mile journey on foot to Bethlehem. Mary was pregnant and almost full term and they did not have a plan for how their child would be born. I wonder if they had moments of despair and the feeling that they just couldn’t go any further?

I don't know about you, but it seems that escaping this reality we find ourselves in sounds pretty nice. This is not possible because Peace is not a place that we arrive where nothing bad can ever happen. In this life though, we can know Peace in the midst of heartache and in the middle of our fears.

There are many ways to find Peace in everyday life. I urge you to find what brings you refreshment. I find it in a good song or taking deep breaths, when I intentionally take time to be grateful, and when I take a walk and look at the mountains or a beautiful sunset. If I take time to remember why I celebrate Christmas and fix my eyes on Jesus, it brings great rest to my soul.

Peace was born on earth.

This is our song of blessing over you and your family this year. We sing, “Peace” over you, your loved ones and this blessed Christmas season."


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Released December 4, 2020 
BGV's: Tara and Dave Powers
Arranged: Kirk Smith and Dave and Tara Powers
Piano, Synth, and Sound Design: Kirk Smith
Mastered by: Kirk Smith
Produced and Mixed by: Kirk Smith
Engineered by: Kirk Smith
Publishing: Ours Is My Favorite Music

Artwork: Dave Powers

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