Hearts Collide [REMIX] - Single - Digital Download

Hearts Collide [REMIX] - Single - Digital Download

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Like the strike of a match, Tara’s sultry-sweet vocal comes out of nowhere to ignite MOUNTAINCITY’s most intimate and sensuous ballad to date, Hearts Collide.

We tried to produce an almost weightless melody, expressed by languid guitars and a haunting synth, to a gently pulsing rhythm with imagery and strong symbolism resembling that found in the biblical Song of Songs.

Since the dawn of time, poets and philosophers have sought to describe passionate love. We have borrowed from our own story, as married lovers, to express the movement and sway of two whose hearts ultimately, actually have, become one.

There is an easy ebb and flow, a give and take, and a wildly romantic reciprocity at work in this song.

The rich, metaphoric language is borne of their own life experience, like love letters over time.

“When I thought of my marriage, I wanted to symbolize something you can always count on, a daily occurrence that brings light and joy.” - Tara

From that place, the lyrics of the first verse begin, “You’re my steady, like the morning sun, that rises in the east to greet the day.” 

As Tara sings, “when my soul needs oxygen,” it's her way of expressing how Dave’s love and affirmation gives her soul life, like the breath she needs to live, when she has been feeling low or like she isn’t enough.

One of the imageries they called on in Hearts Collide is literal for us as a couple. While on our honeymoon, we had each other’s names tattooed on their ring fingers, barely visible beneath their wedding bands. Tara loves having Dave's name on her skin, and seeing hers on his. “It brings a warmth, a knowing and a safe feeling in our relationship."

We partnered with our dear friend, Troy Welstad to create a high-energy electronic remix of Hearts Collide and the when we heard it for the first time, we were blown away! Tara said, "How is this even us? This is amazing!"

The high-energy electronic vibe was added by Troy Welstad, who has done all of the band's remixes to date.

Troy is a great guy, really fun to work with. He’s a total shredder. We’re really excited about the remix. It’s kind of like this electro-pop thing.

Troy Welstad

"As a twenty-something in Los Angeles," his website bio says, "Troy Welstad proved his skill and versatility as a musician, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist touring the world with the likes of P!nk, Hilary Duff, A Fine Frenzy, Brooke Fraser, Ryan Cabrea and working with many other artists.  Troy has backed artists on multiple television appearances including the American Music Awards, MTV music awards, Conan O’Brian Show, The Tonight Show, Ellen, Good Morning America and many more.

In 2011 Troy and his wife moved to Portland, OR wanting to focus his energy on writing, producing and working on some his own creative endeavors.

As a session keyboardist, sound designer and composer Troy's credits include Colbie Caillat, Daughtry, Kenny Rogers, Jim Brickman,  Sleeping Wolf, Jess Penner (Kayjez), NIKE, Deidox Films and many others."

MOUNTAINCITY and Electronic Music

"We both love EDM music. When Dave proposed to Tara June 13, 2003, we actually went to an EDM concert later that night - right after we got engaged. So it's part of our history. Dave had loved electronic music for a long time and when he introduced Tara to it, she really started loving it, too. So the reason we are doing the electronic remixes on many of our songs is that we just absolutely love it - we love dance music! It can be very happy and cause joy and it makes you want to get up and move," she said.

We hope you enjoy this love song! :)


Verse 1:
You’re my steady, like the morning sun 
that rises in the east to greet the day 
You’re my rock, the one I’m standing on, 
just like the rugged Rocky Mountain peaks... 

Chorus 1:
Oooo, Your lips meet mine 
Oooo, Our skin combines 
Oooo, fingers and souls intertwine 
Just you and me, our hearts collide 

Verse 2: 
You’re my rescue, when my soul needs oxygen. 
The song you sing bring life into my lungs 
You’re my cover, when my body feels so cold. 
It’s your name I have tattooed upon my skin. 

Chorus 2: 
Oooo, Your lips meet mine 
Oooo, Our skin combines 
Oooo, fingers and souls intertwine 
Just you and me, our hearts collide 
Just you and me, our hearts collide

Released: April 14, 2017
Tara Powers: Vocals 
Troy Welstad: Keys, Guitars, sound design 
Dave Powers: Vocals
Lyrics and Composition: Tara and Dave Powers 
Remix Arranged, Mixed, and Produced by: Troy Welstad 
Co-Produced by: Tara and Dave Powers 
Published by: Ours Is my Favorite Music 
Artwork: Stormie Rhoades 


**Special thanks to our MOUNTAINCITY Partners!! It's with your help, support, and partnership that we could release this song! THANK YOU!!
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