Since You've Come Around - Single - Digital Download

Since You've Come Around - Single - Digital Download

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This is one of my favorite songs that we've written and recorded! Tara and I were having a "writing day" at home. I was writing in our office and she was upstairs. I thought I was having a pretty good stroke of creativity that morning because a chorus to a new song materialized almost effortlessly and I was pretty stoked! So after a while, I went upstairs to see how Tara's creative mischief was flowing and I wanted to show her this new chorus too! I asked if she had anything brewing and she, in a very self deprecating way, said that she had something but wasn't sure if it was good or not. She started singing what she was working on, and it was so freakin great and fun, I quickly chucked the song I was working on the back burner. Her song was WAY better, which is fairly typical. I think she's a GREAT songwriter!! 

Originally, we named the song "Changed My Sound" and then we wrote "I Miss Your Sound". Well, we couldn't have 2 songs with the word "sound" in the title, could we? No way! So we landed on "Since You've Come Around" instead! :) 

A couple weeks later, we introduced the song to the band and they LOVED it! Every time we've played it live, it seems like we always end up extending the song out because it's fun to play and it's a RAD opportunity to invite people dance with each other! 

The recording process was REALLY fun on this one too! I think Nathan and Jon both did their parts in one take! Sheesh! Nailed it!! :) 

I love the simplicity; the fresh, breezy nature of this song... it puts my soul at ease! 
- Dave


Verse 1:
Woke up this morning with a thought that ran right through my head. 
Life is short and time is sweet, and I wanna spend it all with you! 

Verse 2:
I sat alone so many days, I slept alone so many nights 
I thought that love was nearly out of sight, but then you caught my eye 

Won’t be here for very long so I’m gonna sing this in my song 
Life’s been better since you’ve come around and you have changed my sound 

Time together spent with you, you’re my song and my dream come true 
Holdin’ hands baby, walkin’ down the road, we’ll take one day at a time 

Chorus 2:
People come and people go, sometimes fast and sometimes slow 
Life’s been better since you’ve come around and you have changed my sound 
Life’s been better since you’ve come around and you have changed my sound 

Released November 2, 2016 
Tara Powers: Vocals, BGV's and a LOAD of beautiful delicious-ness. 
Dave Powers: Guitar, Vocals 
Charles Ciepiel: Keys 
Nathan Phillips: Bass Guitar 
Jon Powers: Drums 
Mike Binder: Auxiliary Percussion 

Lyrics: Dave and Tara Powers 
Arranged and Produced by: Dave and Tara Powers 
Mixed and Mastered by: Mike Binder 
Published by: Ours Is My Favorite Music 
Photography: Alicia Lewin ( 
Artwork: Tara Powers, Dave Powers, and Charles Ciepiel. If you’d like to check out Charles Ciepiel’s design firm, here’s the link: 

**Special thanks to our MOUNTAINCITY Partners!! It's with your help, support, and partnership that we could release this song! THANK YOU!!
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