Love's Gonna Find You (CD)
Love's Gonna Find You (CD)

Love's Gonna Find You (CD)

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We LOVE Christmas and the music that goes along with it! "Love's Gonna Find You" is a 7 song EP and we are so happy with it! We have 2 versions of the CD that you can get: An autographed CD (LIMITED amount) and a standard CD. If you love Christmas music, we're pretty sure you'll love this album! 

Track listing:
1. Winter Wonderland
2. Colorado Christmas (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Cover)
3. Love's Gonna Find You
4. That Spirit of Christmas (Ray Charles Cover)
5. It's Christmas Time
6. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
7: O Come All Ye Faithful (Featuring Stephan Roach on Hammered Dulcimer)


Tara Powers: Vocals, BGV’s
Dave Powers: Guitar, Vocals, BGV’s
Dave Wilton: Guitar, Mandolin, Organ, Piano,
Auxiliary Percussion, String Arrangements
Latifah Alattas: Piano (
Nathan Phillips: Bass Guitar
Tyler Cuchiara: Drums, Percussion
Aaron Strumpel: Horns, Trumpet (
Jonathan Class: Piano and Wurlitzer
Stephen Roach: Hammered Dulcimer (
Gang Vocals: Tom Walsh, Sara Walsh, Harry Lozinski, Donnie Richards, Kim Richards, Stacey Vaught, Jacque Kreutzer, David Peel, Scott Hamilton, Tess Hamilton, Kevin Kelly, and Ally Wilton
Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dave Wilton at Coalesce Audio, Lafayette, CO (
Artwork by Stormie Rhoades (

**Special thanks to our MOUNTAINCITY Partners!! It's with your help, support, and partnership that we could release this song! THANK YOU!!

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