Ours Is My Favorite - Single - Digital Download

Ours Is My Favorite - Single - Digital Download

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Tara and I were songwriting one day and I was upstairs ruminating on a phrase while she was downstairs writing some hit song, no doubt. I can’t remember the exact phrase running through my head, but it was something like, “Ours is my favorite love story”. All of a sudden I started hearing this melody and words rumble around in my heart, so I grabbed a notebook and started writing furiously.

In about 20 minutes, I had this song completed! Tara came up to see how I was doing, and I sang it to her for the first time… I hadn’t even sung it by myself yet. I started singing and within 30 seconds, I was bawling like a baby because it’s a song about a really meaningful piece of our story together!

She got out her cell phone and started the video rolling (she may even be persuaded to share that footage with you if you ask nicely, but no promises)… I sat there for 5 minutes and I could barely get through the song! I finally made it, but when I sing it to her live, chances are good that I will well up with tears… dang, I REALLY like and love that woman! 

- Dave


Verse 1: 
I remember that warm summer night 
That you walked into my life 
When I saw you, I thought my heart would burst 
I couldn’t get you out of my mind! 
About 6 months later, we took a mountain drive 
And I wanted to talk with you all night! 

I fell for you, baby 
I’m still down for the count! 
When you’re singin' in the morning 
When you hardly make a sound. 
We’ve heard some great stories of love in the world, 
But without a single doubt in my mind, 
Ours is my favorite! 

Verse 2: 
On a country road at midnight 
We pulled off to the side 
I was flippin’ the radio dial 
Tryin’ to find our love song 
I got down on my knees and asked you for your hand 
You jumped up and down and said, “YES!!!!!!” 
It was better than I planned! 

Verse 3: 
Standing there, holding your hands 
In front of family, friends, and God 
I declared my like and love for you 
And you said the same thing right back 
We walked out of that building sharing the same name 
Then in the car and on the plane and every day since then!

Released July 1, 2016 
Tara Powers: BGV’s
Dave Powers: Guitars and vocals
Charles Ciepiel: Keys
Nathan Phillips: Bass
Jon Powers: Drums
Randy Hess: pedal steel
Jackie Baker: Organ
Lyrics: Dave and Tara Powers 
Arranged and produced by: Dave and Tara Powers 
Mixed and Mastered by: Mike Binder
Published by: Ours Is My Favorite Music 

Photography:  Alicia Lewin www.alicialewinphotography.com 
Artwork: Charles Ciepiel in collaboration with Dave and Tara Powers:  www.goccdesign.com. 

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