Shine - Single - Digital Download

Shine - Single - Digital Download

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We got to co-write with our friend, Troy Welstad in Portland in 2019. It was a fun song to write and it is about someone dreaming about an individual that has caught their attention and their dreams lead them to an evening of dancing underneath the moon and the stars together. It is daydreaming and imagination at its best! I have to tell you that it is a scary thing to collaborate with other artists but it is so good to get our of your comfort zone and try new things.

Speaking of getting out of comfort zones. We are learning how to SHINE a light on love in this season amidst the racial tension and riots. We have been reading books, listening to activists and leaders, teaching our children and learning to love better. It is scary to not have words or know how to help but if you seek to be a light and to honor and love there are ways you can shine.

We would love to hear how you are shining light during dark times and also what you think about our new song!


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Verse 1

Saw you walking down the street on Sunday 

down the boulevard

You got me thinking that maybe someday 

I’ll get to be where you are

Now I’m dreaming of taking drives and late nights 

Cruisin’ in your car

Imagine us lying out on the green grass staring up at the stars


Can we make this real

Where we’re face to face

Will you take my hand

And chase my clouds away


Ooo ooo, Dancing in the moonlight

Ooo ooo, Singing in the starlight

Ooo, ooo, Dancing in the moonlight

You and me shine, you and me shine tonight

Verse 2

I’m seeing visions of our future together

Reflections in the mirror

Never knew I could be so happy

Now you’ve got me seeing clear 

Don’t want to waste another moment without you

I need you by my side

Since the days my eyes fell upon you, I’ve been going wild



released June 26, 2020 

Mastered by: Richard Dodd

Produced and Mixed by:  Troy Welstad

Mixing Engineer: Aidan Thillmann

Engineered by: Aiden 

Lead Vocals: Tara Powers

BGV's: Tara Powers

Drum Programming / Percussion: Troy Welstad

Bass: Eric Macias

Guitars: Dave Powers, Jeff Jansen, Matt Salinas

Synth / Keys: Luc DeLorenzo, Troy Welstad 

Lyrics: Tara Powers, Dave Powers, Troy Welstad

Arranged: Tara Powers, Dave Powers, Troy Welstad

Publishing: Ours Is My Favorite Music and AWESOME MUSIC FACTORY

Artwork: Dave Powers 


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